Fireman Refuses to Give up on Tiny Unconscious Kitten Rescued from Fire

Posted by Paige Cerulli

House fires so often spell death for our beloved pets.

House fires are horrible, but they can be even more tragic when there are animals involved. Cats and dogs die in house fires every year, but firefighters will rescue pets if they can get there in time. At first glance it appeared to be too late for this unconscious kitten who was found after the fire was put out. But first glances can be deceiving.

This inspiring video shows just how much effort firefighters put into rescuing pets. Thanks to a GoPro, you can see the moment this firefighter finds the unconscious kitten. He carries the kitten outside, provides him with oxygen, and with the help of other firefighters, attempts to revive him. You have to take a look at this amazing video.

What an incredible rescue! I'll bet that this kitten's family was elated to find out that the kitten had survived thanks to this firefighter's quick thinking.

You'll notice that the fireman in the video used what appears to be a child's oxygen mask on the kitten. Researchers have now developed oxygen masks made specifically for pets. These oxygen masks are more effective in providing the pressure necessary to move the oxygen into the pet's lungs if the pet isn't breathing. They have the potential to help firefighters save even more pets' lives.

The problem is, fire departments need to purchase these special masks in order to be able to treat pets. It can be an expensive investment. If you want to make a difference, ask your local fire department if they've been able to purchase oxygen masks for pets. If not, see if you can do some fundraising and help spread the word so that they can be equipped with this equipment.

A pet's life may depend on it.

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Fireman Refuses to Give up on Tiny Unconscious Kitten Rescued from Fire