This Farm Is Hosting a Solar Eclipse Party with Baby Goats and Can We Go?

Posted by Krissy Howard
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A farm in Oregon is inviting area stargazers to view the solar eclipse in the company of baby goats who call the place home.

Goat yoga is becoming a popular feature for many farms as of late, and now people can add stargazing to the list of activities to be enjoyed with these climbing creatures!

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McPhillips Farm, of McMinnville, Oregon, is opening its doors to stargazers later this month with tickets to view the solar eclipse among the company of resident goats.

According to the Ticketbud event page, the $105 event begins on August 20, when attendees will set up camp along a riverbed, and enjoy swimming, berry picking, a barbecue, and a projected movie by bonfire later in the evening.

goat farm eclipse partyThe next day starts with a blackberry pancake breakfast before heading to the pasture to hang with 35 Toggenberg goats in anticipation of the impending eclipse.

goat farm eclipse party

According to Oregon Live, the 155-year-old farm has been handed down through six generations and hopes to continue on to its seventh. Right now, the family is expecting around 100 guests, including kids, to get in on the fun.

eclipse viewing with goatsThe McPhillips Farm isn't the only farm that thought goats would make for good eclipse viewing; this Idaho farm is also hosting an eclipse-watching among their goats, and Lollypop Farm of Rochester, New York is opening its doors to hopeful eclipse viewers as well.

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Proceeds from the event will go toward legal fees needed to go before the Oregon Supreme Court in a fight to stop the expansion of the Riverbed Landfill.

Where will you watch the historic eclipse? Tell us in the comments below!

Images by Lizzie Lacker via Oregon Live

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This Farm Is Hosting a Solar Eclipse Party with Baby Goats and Can We Go?