This Family Spent Over $700 to Save Their Hamster's Life

Posted by Tori Holmes
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After finding Lavender, their pet hamster, trapped and injured behind their oven the Weeks family were faced with an agonizing decision: life-saving surgery or euthanasia.

After escaping from her cage, the Weeks family were finally able to locate little Lavender after hearing her squeaks coming from behind the oven in their kitchen.

When the family reached Lavender, they could quickly see that she needed veterinary care immediately. During her struggle to escape from behind the oven her leg had gotten caught and was severely damaged.

The Weeks family rushed Lavender to a nearby emergency vet clinic where veterinary surgeon Amy Andrews was on call.

An x-ray showed that poor Lavender's leg was fractured and would not heal properly if left - the only options were amputation or euthanasia.

x-ray of a fractured hamster leg

At just four months of age, Lavender was a young hamster with a long life ahead of her and even thought she had only been with them a short time, she was family. With the support of Dr. Andrews, the Weeks family decided to go ahead with the surgery.

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General anesthetic can be dangerous for such a small animal, but Lavender made it through surgery and woke up quickly after it was done.

a hamster waking up from surgery

"It's extremely rare to get an out-of-hours call for a hamster. I'd never operated on a hamster before - never mind performed an amputation on one," explained Dr. Andrews.

"She was the loveliest hamster throughout - she didn't get vicious or bite even though she must have been hurting."

The total costs of Lavender's surgery and veterinary care came to a whopping $712, but the Week's family have no regrets.

"Lavender is only a few months old and our daughter adores her so we said to go ahead," explains Mrs. Weeks.

a hamster in a surgical cone eating a piece of broccoli

Now that she is pain-free, Lavender has had no trouble adjusting to life on three legs. The only challenge she's faced so far is exploring the upper levels of her cage without falling. Until that time comes, the Weeks are keeping her limited to the floor of her cage.

We're so glad to hear you're on the mend, Lavender!

Would you pay for life-saving surgery to save your hamster? Let us know in the comments!

Images by SWNS via Daily Mail 

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This Family Spent Over $700 to Save Their Hamster's Life