Whoa Shamrock! Retired Racehorse Gives Unprepared British Man Ride of His Life, Hilarity Ensues

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When this ex-racehorse gets a taste of freedom, his rider's in for an unexpected test of his skill. 

Any time that you mount up for a ride, you never know just what is going to happen. This video captures that perfectly, as an ex-racehorse decides that he's more racehorse than ex- and decides to take his rider for a run. Shamrock, the horse in this video, clearly likes the open path in front of him. And when things start to go wrong, well, they go really wrong.

The rider in this video does a good job of staying with the horse, even though he clearly knows he's in trouble. He hadn't bargained for such a gallop when he set out, and Shamrock veers a few times as the path splits. In the video's comments, the rider admitted he wasn't terribly experienced, but he seemed to handle the situation pretty well. Make sure your volume's up and listen to his comments if you're ready for a laugh.

Some language NSFW

The rider noted in the comments that in the end, he bailed off of the horse, knowing that there was a fence around the bend and not wanting to tangle with it while he was still on the horse. And hey, at least he had a great sense of humor!

When an ex-racehorse bolts, it can be a challenge to get them slowed down. Racehorses are taught to lean against the reins, so just pulling back may only encourage the horse to run faster. Instead, turning the horse in a large circle and then gradually decreasing the circle's size can be an effective way to regain control. But in this video's case, the narrow path didn't allow for that technique.

Riding retired racehorses isn't quite like riding your average horse is. Ex-racehorses definitely have their quirks, and they've been trained differently than a riding horse has. It's important to understand a racehorse's training before you mount up. If you haven't ridden a retired racehorse before, then be sure to work with a trainer who can help you to understand and safely work with the horse.

Have you ridden an ex-racehorse? Have any tips? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Whoa Shamrock! Retired Racehorse Gives Unprepared British Man Ride of His Life, Hilarity Ensues