This Dog Uses His Nose to Put Sex Offenders Behind Bars

Posted by Amber King
semen-sniffing dog
acebook/Derbyshire Constabulary

Putting rapists behind bars is all in the job description for this fluid-sniffing dog.

A dog's olfactory system is 10,000 times more powerful than our average human sniffers. This smelling superpower has lead to thousands of working K9s to  be be trained to detect things humans can only dream of smelling. They sniff out explosives, drugs, murderers and kidnappers; and thanks to a pup named Billie, they even help catch rapists.

Billie is a Cocker Spaniel working for the Derbyshire police to help put sex offenders and rapists behind bars. How does he do it you ask? Well, he's been specifically trained to sniff out and detect semen.

semen-sniffing dog

A dog's nose is accurate enough to detect as little as a millimeter of human sperm more than a year after ejaculation indoors. If left outdoors, Billie is capable of finding traces of semen up to eight weeks old.

This incredible skill has proven to be an effective tool in finding otherwise undetectable traces of semen. The ultimate goal is for those samples to be analyzed and matched to suspects through DNA testing.

Derbyshire Constabulary Superintendent, Dick Hargreaves, calls Billie a "real asset" and says:

"He's already been used in numerous investigations and has found further evidence that has resulted in crime scene investigators identifying DNA profiles. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our service and we're hoping that Billie's skills will lead to more convictions."

In one such case, investigators were unable to find any evidence at the crime scene. They used an ultra-violet crime light in an attempt to gather evidence but came up empty-handed. But that was before Billie got involved. The sperm-sniffing pup was able to point out several areas where trace amounts of semen were present. Thanks to Billie, those samples have been sent for laboratory analysis in hopes of making a DNA match.

In another case, the semen-sniffing dog used his nose and professional training to identify a "single spot of seminal fluid among literally hundreds of vomit and urine stains on a flight of concrete steps."

The incredible find resulted in a DNA analysis that lead to the arrest of an alleged rapist already on bail for another rape in a different country.

Since this past March, Billie has assisted in 18 cases. His training has proven to be a successful example of the impressive power of the canine olfactory system. Despite his furry face and adorable brown eyes, Billie is a serious contender in the fight against rape.

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This Dog Uses His Nose to Put Sex Offenders Behind Bars