Dog Saved Every Worm on the Sidewalk by Moving Them to the Grass

Posted by Krissy Howard
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This dog proved that our four-legged friends can show compassion for all living things by moving worms from the sidewalk to the grass! 

Most dogs tend to have their own weird little quirk, something unique to them that you can always count on to get a laugh.

One dog, a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix named Holliday, uses her special talent to save some of Earth's smallest creatures from a particularly cruel fate.

Sniffing each worm out, Holliday uses her mouth to gently pick them up off the hot sidewalk and carry them to safety.

Check out Holliday in action in this adorable video!

While owner Caitlyn Beebe isn't sure where Holliday picked up such a trait, she suspects it may have been learned over time.

"When she was a puppy, my mom would take the earthworms from the road and throw them in the grass," Beebe told Good News Network. "The only way I can think that Holliday learned this behavior, is from watching my mom when we came home for the weekends."

from a Chicago-area shelter, Holliday has been working tirelessly to help those less fortunate with every step.

"On walks, she will run around the neighborhood and look for stray earthworms and bugs to save," Beebe said. "She will spot the worms far in advance, and run over as fast as she can to save them. Sometimes, she even tries to save the dried, dead ones."

Way to go, Holliday!

Does your dog have a weird little quirk? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Dog Saved Every Worm on the Sidewalk by Moving Them to the Grass