This Dog-Powered Kitchen Will Speed up Your Last Minute Thanksgiving Prep

Posted by Tori Holmes
Dog-automated kitchen

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done in the kitchen before your big Thanksgiving dinner? We may have a solution...

With this dog-powered kitchen, preparing your Thanksgiving dinner has never been easier (or cuter). Just sit back, relax, and watch what our four-legged friends can do in the kitchen.

(Like help warm the butter under its butt.)

From chopping vegetables with an axe to stuffing the turkey, there's no job too large for this tiny kitchen assistant!

The only time you may need to step in is when the turkey is ready to go in the oven and back out again because something tells me this is a job for someone with thumbs. That method of pulling the hot turkey out tied to the dog's back doesn't look safe. This does give us some good ideas for future automated elements that could be added to the kitchen, though.

That way, your four-legged friend will always be your sous chef!


Now don't forget to set a little plate at the table for your hard-working kitchen helper or you may be back to cooking solo for Thanksgiving 2018.

Fingers crossed this pup is free in a few weeks to help out with Christmas dinner!

Tell us what you think of this kitchen in the comments below!

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