This Dog Loves Food, But Can't Seem to Catch Any Of It in His Mouth

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Steak, pizza, donuts, and hot dogs... Dogs love 'em, but this dog can't catch 'em.

Fritz, the bandana-clad Golden Retriever, needs to work on his eye-mouth coordination. Dogs are supposed to be great at fetch, but not always.

He waits so politely for his food, but this epic slow-mo video montage shows Fritz trying and failing time after time. Many food items are thrown in his direction. All but one smack him in the face.

We thought for a second there he had the hot dog, yet the bun evaded the catch.

But alas, he finally succeeds! Of all the food options, it was the tiny French fry that will go down in Fritz's history book as the catch heard 'round the world.

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