This Dog Is So Grateful for His Tiny New Bed and It's Adorable

Posted by Tori Holmes
Collage of Kenny the dog and his tiny bed

As it turns out, the expression "if it fits, I sits" doesn't only apply to cats.

When Heather Stoddard decided that it was time for the family dog, Kenny, to get a new bed she headed online and ordered what appeared to be a nice, plush new dog bed.

When the bed was finally delivered, she quickly noticed that she had made a slight mistake when placing the order. Instead of ordering a large or medium-size bed, she had ordered an extra-small.

Despite the fact that it was more of a pillow than a bed, Kenny was very grateful for the new bed. So grateful, in fact, that Heather's daughter Paeton Mathes tweeted a collage of photos of Kenny with his mini-bed in tow.

The tweet quickly went viral with people sharing their delight in seeing a dog so grateful for the gift of a new bed.

While Kenny loved his new bed, he did have the option of sharing a larger one with his fur-sibling. However, he wouldn't have to share for long.

The tweet eventually reached dog supply company Big Barker USA who sent Kenny an appropriately sized bed.

Kenny the dog and his new bed
Photo by @paetonmathes

But even with his spacious new bed, Kenny wasn't ready to give up the mini-bed he so adored. The family now places it atop the big bed so that he's able to enjoy both at one.

Enjoy your new beds, Kenny!

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This Dog Is So Grateful for His Tiny New Bed and It's Adorable