This Dog Hilariously Moans in Protest to Novice Flute Playing

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This dog doesn't like flute playing, and he's found an absolutely hilarious way to let his family know. 

When you're learning to play a new instrument, your playing doesn't always sound the greatest. And even though this girl's flute playing really isn't that bad, her dog seems to think otherwise, and he has no problem in letting her know it.

Every time this girl picks up her flute, she can only play a few notes before her dog chimes in with a half-howl half-moan noise which is clearly intended as a protest. A few more notes? Moan. Another note or two? Moan. Clearly this girl isn't going to get much flute playing done while her dog is around.

Check out this funny video!

Some instruments, particularly the flute, can reach ranges that hurt your pet's ears. Your cat or dog may leave the room or otherwise complain when you're playing. Whistling sometimes evokes this same reaction. And then, of course, you may just have an opinionated animal who wants to join in on the music making.

Have to practice but don't want to disturb your pet? Try to find a room which is a good distance from where your pet is in the house. Close the door when you practice, or schedule your practice sessions when your pet is out of the house. Or, if you have a cat like this one, let them take part in the music making, too.

Sometimes cats and dogs seem to like music, and there's even a composer who has made music just for cats. When you're playing music, you'll want to make sure that any music is at an appropriate volume - you can damage your pet's hearing just like you can damage your own.

Hopefully your pet is tolerant of your practicing, especially if you have a budding musician in your family.

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This Dog Hilariously Moans in Protest to Novice Flute Playing