Hospital Bound: Loyal Dog Finds Her Way to Sick Owner 20 Blocks Away

Posted by Paige Cerulli

One dog traveled 20 blocks to find the hospital where her owner was staying - all on her own. 

Dogs accomplish incredible feats. They seem to have this sixth sense about life, and they understand when things are wrong or when their owners are in trouble.

There are amazing stories about dogs alerting their owners to fires, and service dogs regularly warning their owners before seizures and other medical events. We don't know how they do it, but dogs are amazing. Now, one dog has traveled 20 blocks to a hospital to see her owner. The amazing part? The dog had never been to the hospital before.

Sissy the dog is a loyal companion to her owner, Nancy. When Nancy was hospitalized, Sissy missed her - a lot. In fact, Sissy missed her so much that she ran away - straight to the hospital, 20 blocks down the street. There, Sissy wandered into the lobby all on her own. Security saw Sissy's dog tags identifying where she'd come from, and she was allowed to visit her owner.

Take a look at this amazing video.

How did Sissy know that her owner was in the hospital, and how did she know how to get there? Sissy had never run away before, yet somehow found her way straight to her owner. Maybe it was luck? Maybe Sissy has an incredible sense of smell and was able to track her owner?

This is one phenomenon we may never understand, but it's hard to deny the incredible bond that can form between dogs and their owners. Clearly, no distance can come between Sissy and Nancy.

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Hospital Bound: Loyal Dog Finds Her Way to Sick Owner 20 Blocks Away