This Dog Doesn't Know What to Make of the Cat He Finds in the Shower

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this Great Dane comes across a cat in the (running) shower, his reaction is both perfect and priceless. 

So we've all heard that cats hate water, right? If you've ever tried to bathe a cat after it's been sprayed by a skunk, then you know just how much cats really, really HATE water. And if you've ever turned on the shower when your cat was in the tub, then you've probably witnessed a very angry cat streaking out of your bathroom. Unless you have this cat.

You see, this cat doesn't seem to mind water at all. In fact, he enjoys it, and readily gets into the running shower to get a drink. But when this Great Dane sees the situation, his expression of bewilderment and confusion is just so appropriate. Take a look at this fun video.

While many cats are attracted to drinking running water - has your cat ever tried to drink from the kitchen tap? - they'll rarely soak themselves to do so. Evidently, this cat is the exception to that rule.

If your cat doesn't like getting wet but does love drinking running water, buying a pet water fountain can allow him to get his flowing water fix without getting his paws wet. These water fountains can be a great way to encourage your cat to drink throughout the day, which can help to prevent urinary tract issues.

Or, if you own the cat in the video, you could just leave the shower running and he'll take care of the rest.

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This Dog Doesn't Know What to Make of the Cat He Finds in the Shower