This Dad Cut a Horse Some Bangs and Got in Big Trouble

Posted by Paige Cerulli
horse bangs

A well-meaning dad cut a horse's forelock, resulting in one upset barn owner and a bunch of interesting Internet responses. 

Horse owners realize that cutting a horse's mane or forelock is akin to a sin. But when a well-intending but uninformed dad took it upon himself to a cut a horse's forelock, he never imagined the trouble that he'd get in.

The dad volunteers at a local horse stable, and one day he noticed that Sammy the horse's forelock had grown so long that it covered his eyes. Thinking he was helping out, the father gave Sammy a trim, resulting in, well, bangs.

Sammy's haircut didn't go unnoticed. Ellen, the owner of the stables, caught sight of it and wasn't happy. She even wrote a very detailed, very strongly worded note forbidding anyone to touch any horse's hairstyle.

horse bangs

Upon realizing the significance of his mistake, the father apologized, but the damage was done. Sammy will be rocking some bangs until he grows out his forelock again.

But the Internet's reactions? They're perhaps the best part of this story.

Debate over Sammy's hairstyle got heated! Some people thought Ellen was overreacting, while others (presumably horse owners) expressed the actual significance of the trimmed forelock.


A horse's mane and tail styling is particularly important for horse shows. Certain breeds must be shown in accordance to breed standards, and forelocks are never trimmed for shows. Sammy's new forelock could be braided up to conceal the damage, but it will be a while before Sammy's hair looks at all natural again.

If you're working around horses or ever have the opportunity to lease a horse, it's important to realize that manes and tails are rarely, if ever, cut. Instead, they're pulled, docked, or thinned to create a more natural look. If you don't own the horse, always check with an owner before doing anything that would change the horse's appearance, just to be safe.

What do you think of Sammy's new haircut? Tell us in the comments below. 

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This Dad Cut a Horse Some Bangs and Got in Big Trouble