This Crocheted Egg Apron Will Make Heading to the Coop a Little Easier

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you have chickens, then you need this crocheted egg apron which is not only practical, but super cute!

Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to come up with a perfect solution to an age-old problem. That's just what Ashlea Konecny of Heart Hook Time did when she invented this crocheted egg apron. The apron has the capability to hold up to 19 eggs, each nestled into its own little pocket.

Egg Apron

Ashlea was inspired to make the apron when she realized that her friend, Cassy, needed a better way to gather eggs. Cassy tends to 30 chickens, so you can imagine how many eggs she needs to gather each day.

woman wearing egg apron holding chicken

This crocheted egg apron is not only adorable, but it makes trips to the chicken coop a bit easier. It's less cumbersome than carrying a basket or bucket, and each egg is automatically cushioned by the apron itself. It's pretty awesome, and would also be perfect for Easter egg hunts! Plus, did we mention that there's a large back pocket which can hold other items, like your cell phone?

Want to make your very own apron? You're in luck. Ashlea has offered the pattern up for FREE on her blog. You just need to know how to crochet. There are detailed instructions as well as photographs to walk you through the process of creating your very own apron.

It seems like Ashlea has come up with a great idea which is already garnering her some serious attention. This crocheted egg apron has even been featured by "Martha Stewart Living." Ashlea has tons more great ideas and crocheting advice on her blog, and if you'd like an ad-free version of her apron pattern, head on over to her Etsy page.

How great is this apron? Tell us about what you think in the comments below.

All images: Heart Hook Home

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This Crocheted Egg Apron Will Make Heading to the Coop a Little Easier