This Couple's Birth Announcement for Their Dog Is the Best

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When a couple adopted a dog, they came up with what may be the best canine birth announcement we've ever seen. 

You've probably received many birth announcements from relatives and friends when a new baby joins their family. Birth announcements are a celebratory way to share a family's joy with their friends and loved ones, and they commemorate a very special event in their lives. And while this couple's birth announcement is a little bit unconventional, it's one of the most unique announcements that we've ever seen.

You see, this couple adopted a dog, and they wanted to celebrate this special addition to their family. With a little Photoshop help, they transformed the dog's photo into a birth announcement that is sure to catch anyone's eye. What a touching and delightful way to celebrate their newest family member.

The truth is, dogs are very much members of our family. They're with us during the good times and the bad, they continuously teach us about ourselves, we spend huge amounts of time with them, and they love us unconditionally. While dogs may be with us for shorter amounts of time than our human family members are, they're still very real and very important family members.

Do you want to celebrate the recent addition of a dog to your family? There are many ways you can do so. You might send out a fun birth announcement like this couple did. Add your dog's photo to an "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" card and send it out to your family and friends.

You can also have a housewarming party for your pup. Invite some friends and family over for a laid-back gathering during which they can meet your new family member. Just be sure to give your dog some time to settle into your home before you host a party. Keep the party small, and introduce your dog to just a few people at a time to avoid overwhelming him or her.

Congratulations on your new family member!

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This Couple's Birth Announcement for Their Dog Is the Best