Couple Provides Goat Rentals to Get Involved in New Community

Posted by Tori Holmes
Baby goats at Wish We Had Acres farms
All photos courtesy of Wish We Had Acres

When Dr. David C. Hamilton and his wife Laura Denyes moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, they came up with an interesting way to get involved in their new community: goat rentals.

After moving to Charlotte three years ago, Hamilton and Denyes opened Wish We Had Acres farm. With this farm, the couple was able to introduce their new community to the wonder of goats, offering a whole line of goat-related products including goat milk soaps and goat cheese.

It wasn't until one of their friends approached them about loaning them a goat did they realize that they were missing out on a potential niche in the market: goat rentals. Since then, Wish We Had Acres farm has grown to include a menagerie of goats ready to be rented out to local families.

baby goat at Wish We Had Acres farms

While goat rentals are a great way to see if you're ready to have one as a pet, it also offers other benefits - for example, acting as a lawn mower to cleaning up a yard or vacant lot. Goats can happily eat poison ivy or the kudzu, two plants that many people do not want to deal with.

If you're interested in renting a goat, Hamilton and Denyes first come and do a site check, which has a price tag of $200. Once the couple deems that the property is safe for the goats, they bring the necessary supplies and set up a goat-safe enclosure.

baby goat at Wish We Had Acres farms

Clearing a 6,000 square foot lot usually takes between two or three goals, and takes one to six weeks depending on the amount of vegetation.

If you're interested in renting a goat to clean up your property or simply to hang out with, you can contact Wish We Had Acres through their Facebook page.

Would you rent a goat? Let us know in the comments!

All photos courtesy of Wish We Had Acres.

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