Gotcha the Cockatoo Advocates on the Commitment of Raising a Bird

Posted by Krissy Howard

Caring for a bird is a longer commitment than many realize, and a once-neglected Cockatoo named Gotcha is helping educate others about what it takes. 

Mistreated, neglected, and eventually abandoned by his previous owner, Gotcha, a 12-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo, was fortunate enough to get a second chance at life. With the help of his new caretaker, he's using his experience to educate others on what it takes to care for a bird like himself.

His rescuer took him in back in 2014 and has been working hard to build trust while modifying the negative behavior traits he had picked up during his rough early years. Now, he lives with a wonderful family and even has an avian companion of his own, an African Grey parrot named Letty!

Both rescued from terrible situations, they are now getting the love and care every animal deserves.

If someone were to buy a parrot without doing their research, they would probably be pretty surprised to learn that many species of the bird can live for over 80 years, making parrot ownership a lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, a good number of birds (around 85%, to be exact,) are either given away, resold, or just abandoned entirely in the first two years of ownership. If you're ready for such a long-term relationship, bonding with a bird might be for you, but if you aren't yet 100% certain, it is recommended that anyone wait before inviting one home.

Of course, proper care is not just limited to veterinary check-ups, food, and water. Because parrots are highly intelligent, they must be given proper mental stimulation in order to remain happy and healthy birds, which can include toys, entertainment, or even skateboarding lessons!

All animals deserve a chance to thrive and receive a fair chance at a happy life. Gotcha is using his rescue story to show others out there just how sweet life with a parrot can be. To follow him and his siblings along on all of their adventures, you can visit them on Instagram @gotcha-the-cockatoo, or check out their videos on YouTube!

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Gotcha the Cockatoo Advocates on the Commitment of Raising a Bird