Concrete Cowboys: Urban Riding Program Makes Big Difference for City Kids

Posted by Paige Cerulli
urban riding program

With all of the violence in Philadelphia, a city riding program is giving kids and teens a much-needed escape. 

When you envision a city, you probably think about busy streets, traffic, and apartment and office buildings. Chances are you don't picture horses in such an environment. But thanks to Malik Divers, there are horses in Philadelphia, and his city riding program changes lives every day.

Malik began his city riding program as a way to give kids and teens an escape from the senseless violence and killing that plagues the city. Instead of hanging out on the streets, kids and teens could go to the stable and learn about horses. They could go riding, and gain confidence in themselves and their riding skills. The simple act of riding can transform lives every day.

Take a look at this interesting video.

Sure, the equitation and handling in the video could use some work. But try to see past that and think about how this program is changing lives.

Horses can truly transform our lives. They teach us to be responsible and require the utmost dedication. They challenge us daily, and know just how to push us to our limits. And when we work with horses, we learn things about ourselves, too. We learn how to control our tempers and our emotions, and we discover important lessons about our body language, our creativity, and our problem-solving skills. Working with horses is its own sort of therapy. In short, horses make us better people.

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It's no secret that horses change lives. Think of all the therapeutic riding programs out there. Equine-assisted therapy continues to gain in popularity. And there are even programs which pair convicts with unhandled mustangs. So while horses might not naturally belong in a city, in this case, they're very much needed there.

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Concrete Cowboys: Urban Riding Program Makes Big Difference for City Kids