This Chicken Coop Is Literally out of This World

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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An Idaho couple made a chicken coop in the backyard that looks like it belongs in outer space. 

Ellen DeAngelis and her fiance have an affinity for the extraterrestrial lifestyle. When they began brainstorming their Boise, Idaho backyard chicken coop design, they knew it would be a spaceship. However, they really had to think outside the box for the building materials.

In the end, two large satellite dishes inspired the outer space architecture.

UFO-shaped chicken coop is out if this world

Creative couple builds UFO-shaped chicken coop that looks out of this world!

Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

DeAngelis said the couple initially toyed with using wood but struggled with how to get the right curvature. Enter satellite dishes, which already look a bit extraterrestrial themselves.

After sharing a video of their coop on Facebook, the clip went viral, getting picked up by news shows across the U.S. In time, DeAngelis said she and her partner plan to add an electric, automated ramp to the already blinking lights, climate-controlled coop.


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This Chicken Coop Is Literally out of This World