This Cat Really Regrets Her Decision to Climb the Christmas Tree

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Lily the cat climbs into the Christmas tree, she discovers that it's not as great as she'd originally thought. 

When you're a cat, Christmas trees are really tempting. As in, they're so tempting that you can't help but play with the ornaments, chew on the branches, and climb up the trunk. It's not only a perfect hiding place, but it's also a kitty playtime wonderland. For most cats, the Christmas tree is a source of endless entertainment.

Lily the rescue cat felt the same way about the tree. Though Lily is scared of lots of things in life, she just had to give climbing the tree a try. Unfortunately for Lily, she decided that climbing the tree wasn't a wise move. But she didn't realize this until she was already up in the tree.

Check out Lily's adorable reaction to being caught in the Christmas tree.

There isn't a surefire way to keep your cat out of the tree, aside from putting the tree in a room that your cat can't access. However, keeping your cat well-entertained during the Christmas season may help distract them from climbing your tree.

Spend some time playing with your cat each day. You might hide treats around the house for a scavenger hunt that keeps your cat away from the tree. And be sure to spend some quality time with your cat, even given your busy holiday schedule.

Good luck to you and your Christmas tree this holiday season!

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This Cat Really Regrets Her Decision to Climb the Christmas Tree