Naughty Cat Pushes His Brother into the Pool

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Cats can be so evil sometimes - just look at this cat who pushes his brother into the pool in a major case of sibling rivalry. 

Some cats seem to love pushing things over. You've seen the videos of cats knocking glasses, pens, and silverware off of tables and counters - clearly on purpose.

Maybe it gives them a sense of power or control? In some cases they seem to do it just for the sake of aggravating their owners. But the cat in this video chooses something much bigger to push off a ledge - he pushes his brother into the pool.

This cat's poor brother never knew what was coming. He was innocently looking into the pool when he was pushed from behind. Take a look at this video - it's so obvious that the naughty cat knew exactly what he was doing.

Cats and water have never been a good mix. Most cats try to avoid getting wet at all costs, but occasionally a cat will willingly dip his paws into water, particularly when he's trying to reach something that he wants.

Do you have two cats who don't always get along? Most cats can learn to live with each other peacefully, but all cats will have occasional squabbles. Time will play a role - as cats mature, they tend to settle down a bit and may co-exist more peacefully in your home.

You can also help your cats get along better by making sure that they receive plenty of attention and that they each get plenty of exercise. Cats may get jealous, so be sure to give each cat some individualized attention each day.

Finally, spaying or neutering your cats can also affect their temperaments, leaving them less likely to fight with each other. Your cats will almost always have small fights, but they should largely be able to get along pretty well.

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Naughty Cat Pushes His Brother into the Pool