Rock-Climbing Cat Puts Even the Most Extreme Athletes to Shame

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat climbing rock wall

Think you're a great rock climber? Chances are this cat has you beat. 

Rock climbing can be a great workout. It really challenges both your strategy and your strength, and some of the artificial rock walls available in gyms are quite the challenge. Unless you're this cat, the best rock climber ever.

This cat showed professional rock climbers how to truly conquer a bouldering wall when she scaled this wall in just minutes at a Bouldering Gym in Japan. The gym staff say they never trained her to climb, but she took to the challenge naturally.

Watch this amazing cat in action.

This video is a great example of how agile and athletic cats are. They're built to climb and jump, and will use their tails to help them balance as they climb.

When we keep cats indoors, they often miss out on putting their climbing skills to work. Cats often feel safer when they can sit above the action and observe it, but most houses don't allow for that. That's why you may want to consider getting your cat a tall cat tree so that he or she can climb and perch. Or you could install shelves or other designs to make your house more cat-friendly. Chances are that your cat will appreciate any efforts you make to fulfill their natural instincts.


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Rock-Climbing Cat Puts Even the Most Extreme Athletes to Shame