This Cat Knows That There Is No Bad Time to Do a Little Stretching

Posted by Tori Holmes

Stretching offers many health benefits, but unfortunately isn't the most entertaining activity. That is, until you add a cat into the mix.

Meet Keys, AKA GoalKitty, the black and white house cat from California that loves nothing more than stretching her arms above her head.

Keys' owner, Peter Mares, has no clue why his furry friend started to reach her paws above her head while sitting on her hind legs, but he's not about to question it.

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The first time Keys displayed this strange behavior, Peter quickly ran to get his camera and was able to catch her in the act.

It could be because of the attention she got by doing the pose or simply because it was comfortable, but since that day, Keys can be seen in this unique stretching position.

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But Peter isn't the only one that gets a kick out of his kitty's antics; her nearly 20 thousand followers can't get enough either.

Keys' Instagram stream is the perfect combination of photos, videos, and fan art that makes her impossible not to follow.

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Plus, every time you scroll past a picture or video of Keys, it's like having your own little cheering squad. Trust me, seeing Keys is particularly nice on days when you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

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To stay up to date with Keys' latest stretching antics, follow her on Instagram.

Thanks for always cheering us on, Keys!

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This Cat Knows That There Is No Bad Time to Do a Little Stretching