This Cat Just Used One of His 9 Lives on This 400-Mile Journey

Posted by Tori Holmes
Percy the cat in Paul's semi-truck

When long-haul truck driver, Paul Robertson, lost his cat at a rest area in Ohio, he looked far and wide for his lost companion. Little did he know, he was much closer than anyone would have ever expected.

While recovering from food poisoning at a rest area in Ohio, Paul's cat Percy, the trusty co-pilot on all his drives, managed to open the truck's power windows and escape.

Paul posted about Percy on Facebook and his friends immediately sprang into action.

They began searching for Percy and calling local animal shelters. Paul left Percy's litter box, food, and a pair of his socks outside the truck to try and lure the kitty back, but after a full day with no sightings, he had no choice but continue on with his route.

On Facebook, Paul thanked his friends for helping him with his search and expressed his feelings about the loss of his companion.

"I felt hollow and low and terrible," Paul said. "But I couldn't be days late because my cat went missing."

Over the next 400 miles, Paul could do nothing but think about his cat and where he might have gone, but after arriving at his destination something amazing happened: Percy emerged from beneath the semi-truck.

Percy somehow had survived the 400-mile journey, clinging to the undercarriage of an 18-wheeler traveling 70 miles an hour.

A vet examination found that, aside from an eye infection likely caused by the dust and salt endured on the long trip, Percy was fine.

Percy is still Robertson's trusty copilot on his drives. Robertson simply fixed the windows so Percy couldn't accidentally roll them down again! And he couldn't be happier:

"This is the feel-good story of 2017. If ever a moment felt like a gift from God, it was then."

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All photos via Paul Preflash Gordon Robertson/Facebook

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This Cat Just Used One of His 9 Lives on This 400-Mile Journey