This Cat Isn't Forgetting the Trip to the Vet Anytime Soon

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A vet trip? This cat isn't about to forgive his owner for being so terribly unkind to him. 

It's a rule: Cats hate the vet. (So do many dogs.) And can we really blame them? During each vet trip, we pack our cats into a cat carrier, make them ride in a car, and then allow a stranger to handle them, poke at them, and stick them with needles! The horror!

We all know that regular vet visits are essential to a cat's health, but unfortunately there's no real way to tell our cats that. During Benny's vet trip, he had to get his rabies shot. And Benny doesn't forgive easily. Just look at his reaction to his owner later on in the day as he sulks under the bed sheets.

Clearly Benny hasn't forgiven his owner for the vet trip, and Benny knows how to hold a grudge. If your cat ever acts the same way, then the best thing to do is to leave your cat alone for a while. Let your cat decide when he or she is ready to get past their vet experience. They'll come around in time, and they'll often come around a little faster if you happen to put out some fresh cat food or treats.

While it's hard to get your cat to enjoy a trip to the vet clinic, there are some things you can do to reduce your cat's stress.

First, try to find a vet which is close to home, since long car rides can add to your cat's stress. Next, put the cat carrier out in your home a few days before your cat's vet appointment. With your cat used to the carrier's presence, you should hopefully be able to just pick up your cat and put them in the carrier at the time of the appointment, rather than chasing them through the house. Once you're back home, give your cat plenty of treats and praise so that there is a positive association with the end of the trip.

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This Cat Isn't Forgetting the Trip to the Vet Anytime Soon