Cats Are Drawn to Metronome Like Moths to a Flame

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When these curious cats encounter a metronome, they have quite the unusual reaction to its sound. 

You would think that a cat would enjoy a metronome. The wand waves back and forth, and there's even an intriguing clicking noise which synchronizes with the wand's rhythmic movement. Musicians use metronomes to help themselves stay at a steady tempo, and visually, a metronome probably looks a lot like a toy to a cat.

Unless that cat is Snooky. Snooky, an orange tabby, doesn't know quite what to make of the metronome. She approaches cautiously, and definitely internalizes (and externalizes) the beat. Her friend is drawn to the sound as well.

You simply have to watch this video to watch their very unusual reactions.

Are you a cat-owning musician? Depending on the instrument that you play, or whether you sing, your cat may or may not enjoy your musicality. Some instruments, such as the flute or piccolo, reach such high pitches that they can irritate cats. And some cats may simply be afraid of the noise created by an instrument. Remember, cats have sensitive hearing, so even if your instrument doesn't bother you, that doesn't mean that your cat will feel the same way.

If you want to find a way for your cat to peacefully exist while you're still able to practice, there are a few potential solutions. Try to designate a certain room as your practice room, and close the door when you're practicing so that your cat can relax in another place in the house. Adding some soundproofing panels can further help to keep the sound contained, which both your cat and your neighbors will appreciate.

And if you bring home a new cat, be sure to give them some time to get acclimated with your instruments and with your practicing. Just like the cats in the video above explored the metronome, your cat may need a chance to inspect and get used to the instruments that you play. With a bit of planning, cats can get used to hearing you practice.

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Cats Are Drawn to Metronome Like Moths to a Flame