This Kitty Loves Nothing More Than a Good-Old-Fashioned Piggyback Ride

Posted by Tori Holmes

This little kitty takes the term "piggyback" to a whole new level and we can't get enough of it!

After bringing home their rescue cat, Storm, we bet that this Calgary, Alberta pet owner had no idea that their new addition would get along so well with the other resident animals.

Posted to the Facebook page of Smudge & Muk the Mini Pigs, the video shows Storm taking in the sights of her new home while riding on the back of her new brother, Smudge.

The great thing about this is that Smudge doesn't seem to mind in the slightest that his furry new sibling is tagging along for the ride. In fact, he almost seems to enjoy the company!

Storm, on the other hand, seems totally content until he notices Smudges wagging tail - now that could be a fun toy to chase. He appears to have second thoughts after jumping down, though, likely because he saw his brother's hooves!

Keep on riding, Storm! We hope your brother will let you continue those piggybacks even as you start to grow.

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