This Bulldog and Baby Are Besties and It's Adorable

Posted by Amber King
Bean and Esther

Like two peas in a pod, Bean and her Bulldog buddy named Esther love doing life side by side.

Canines are known for being man's best friend, but there's something special about the unique bond shared by babies and their dogs. The relationship between Bean and Esther is no different.

As the Bulldog's ever-present toddling sidekick, Baby Bean learns about life with help from her adorably wrinkly best friend. The world first took note of the curious duo when their mom got video evidence of their mischievous antics.

Since then, the Internet has enjoyed following along as the partners in crime continue their daily adventures.

They exercise together,

They take baths together,

And they go for rides together.

They even help each other with chores.

And like all best friends, they like to coordinate their outfits.

Esther loves to give kisses.

And Bean returns the favor.

And at the end of the day,

They always have each other's backs.

Keep up with the adventures of Bean and Esther by following them on Instagram. Their Facebook page is also a great place to satisfy your daily need for adorableness.

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This Bulldog and Baby Are Besties and It's Adorable