This Baby Pygmy Goat Copycats Hopping Like a Pro

Posted by TF Oren

If this baby pygmy goat isn't the cutest thing you've seen today, you must live in a bubble filled with baby animals. 

Meet baby Johnnie. He's a pygmy goat who's enjoying some quality time indoors with his human family as they bottle feed him.

Today, he's learning to hop. After his human demonstrates back and forth across the kitchen floor a few times, it's Johnnie's turn to try. He's unsure at first, and observes for a minute. But then, with a little nudge on the behind, he gives it a go. And boy, is he precious!

Watch this little hopper-in-training show us how it's done:

Being this adorable isn't all fun and games, though. The kitchen floor is slippery, and it's tough business keeping all four legs (and the teeny, tiny hooves attached to them) under you. He takes a few mini hops as he gets the hang of it, and then he's off and running!

Now that your insides are all mushy after seeing Johnnie learn to hop, the question isn't whether you want a baby pygmy goat or not.

It's: how badly do you want one?!

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This Baby Pygmy Goat Copycats Hopping Like a Pro