This Baby Donkey in a Hammock Has Life All Figured Out

Posted by TF Oren

Who doesn't love a good swing in a hammock every now and again?

Know what else just about everybody loves? Cute baby animals. How about a cute baby animal in a hammock? Sounds like a win-win.

In its short life, this baby donkey has already figured out what many humans never do: life doesn't have to be complicated. All you need is a hammock, a push, and a tummy rub, and you're good to go.

Swinging away without a care in the world, this little cutie has the good life all figured out. What else does a little donkey need besides a comfy swing? How about a whole crew of doting humans? Check. Whether or not you speak the language, it's pretty clear who's stealing the show in this video.

Check out this little gray bundle of cute - complete with four teeny tiny hooves - for yourself:

It looks like this little one's day couldn't get any better. But then...tummy scratches! And then...muzzle rubs!

Life is good for this baby donkey. Really good. And thanks to (1) the invention of video, and (2) the person who captured this massive dose of the baby animal warm-and-fuzzies on camera, life is good for us too.

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This Baby Donkey in a Hammock Has Life All Figured Out