This Baby Donkey Hugging a Human Baby Might Literally Be the Cutest Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Take one baby donkey and one baby human. Introduce them to each other and wait for out-of-this-world adorableness to kick in. 

Babies are cute. That holds true for both human babies and for animal babies. But we've found what might be the cutest thing ever, and it involves a baby donkey and a baby human.

You see, when these two babies meet, the cuteness expands, tenfold. And this little baby donkey comes right up to the human baby and gives him what we can only call a hug.

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It only lasts a moment, but you have to see it. Trust us!

Children have a natural affinity for animals, and exposing your child to animals while they're young can be a great way to set up a lifelong love of animals. You'll always want to keep safety in mind, though, and carefully choose the animals that you introduce your child to. Look for situations where someone is on hand to supervise the animals, so you can supervise your child.

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Baby animals, like this baby donkey, are totally adorable, but it might not always be a good idea to introduce a baby human to a baby animal. Baby animals, especially those of smaller species, can be delicate, so you'll need to supervise a child very carefully to ensure that the animal isn't harmed. Some animal mothers may become protective of their babies, too, so it's often best to introduce your child to an older animal.

Whether you live on a farm or just want to make an effort to teach your child about animals, supervised introductions can help to foster a love of animals in a young child. Plus, they can make for some super adorable moments, just like this one.

How old were you when your parents first introduced you to animals? Tell us in the comments below!

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This Baby Donkey Hugging a Human Baby Might Literally Be the Cutest Ever