This Art Installation Mimics the Sound of 500 Galloping Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A new art piece sounds like 500 galloping horses and is powered entirely by the wind. 

There's something so magical about the sound of galloping horses. Hooves on stone or hard-packed turf are a stirring music, and a new art installation seeks to mimic the very sound of galloping horses.

The circular art installation was created by Mark Nixon's Neon art studio. It features 32 wind turbines, each equipped with 15 beaters that sound like horse hooves striking the ground. As the wind picks up, the beaters turn faster, and it sounds like horses move from a trot to a gallop. When the wind is strong, the art installation sounds like 500 galloping horses.

You can see the art piece in Chesters Roman Fort, which is located in North Tyne, England. The piece, called Cavalry 360, pays homage to the 500 horses that once lived on the property. The Roman cavalry once guarded the 150-mile-long Hadrian's Wall some 1,600 years ago, so the art piece is actually like looking back in time. If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the cavalry galloping across the field.

Take a listen for yourself!

Cavalry 360 is a beautiful piece to both look at and listen to. It's a unique way to honor the history of the space, while simultaneously embracing modern design and the natural power of the wind.


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This Art Installation Mimics the Sound of 500 Galloping Horses