This Ailing Senior Dog's Adoption Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Posted by TF Oren
Erin Winn via The Dodo

Padre's luck had run out.

Or so it seemed.

The senior Boxer had been surrendered to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. There, staff discovered that Padre suffered from a condition called degenerative myelopathy.

The condition slowly destroyed his central nervous system. With each passing day, Padre's control over his body diminished.

The chances of anyone adopting an ailing senior dog like Padre were slim. And each day, potential adopters passed him by as he stared hopefully out the window of his kennel. Things were not looking up for this old gentleman.

Photo by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary via The Dodo.

"It seems that when people see Padre they see work, and they see heartache, rather than seeing the incredible spirit, and the unlimited amount of love and kisses that he has to offer...Our biggest fear is that a dog as special as Padre could die in a shelter," Clare Forndran of Dog Tales told the Dodo in June.

Photo by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary via The Dodo.

By August, Padre had been at the shelter for around 200 days, and it looked as if that might be his last stop.

Photo by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary via The Dodo.

But the universe had other plans for this sweet old Boxer. And those "other plans" came in the form of Erin Winn and her husband Josh Weichel. After seeing a video of Padre, Winn and Weichel were moved to tears. They knew instantly that he was the dog for them.

The couple went to Dog Tales to meet Padre. Much to their dismay, however, Padre was nowhere to be found. They looked everywhere for him, but their search was to no avail.

They were on their way out the door when Weichel asked a Dog Tales staff member if she knew anything about Padre. The answer was a resounding yes, because as it turns out, Padre had become something of a celebrity at Dog Tales.

Photo by Stav Laloudakis via The Dodo.

At the time Winn and Weichel arrived at Dog Tales, Padre was out for a walk with volunteer Stav Laloudakis. Laloudakis had taken a special interest in Padre when he arrived at the shelter. The two bonded over TLC and selfies.

"She's been like his angel," Winn says of Laloudakis and the way she watched over Padre. "She was there like three or four times a week, hanging out with him, bringing him on walks, giving him treats."


Winn and Weichel met Padre when he returned from his walk. "It was love at first sight...The thought of leaving him there was not an option," Winn says.

They made it official and brought Padre home in early September.

Photo by Stav Laloudakis via The Dodo.

These days, Padre's living the good life in Burlington, Ontario.

"He just loves people," says Winn. "He's so affectionate. He will just lie with you and cuddle with you...It was instant bonding."

Photo by Stav Laloudakis via The Dodo.

Unfortunately, Padre's condition is degenerative, and will only worsen over time. However, his heart is now full and he'll live out his days surrounded by love. As far as silver linings go, this one definitely holds up.

Thinking of adding a four-legged family member to your clan? Super! Adopt, don't shop. Rescue changes lives.

Photos by Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary and Stav Laloudakis via The Dodo.

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