This Adventure Cat Has Already Visited Nearly Every National Park in the U.S

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There are 59 U.S. National Parks, and Vlad the Cat has nearly visited them all.

The world is full of adventurous felines and gallivanting animals of all kind. But Vladimir the Explorer, as the Internet has dubbed him, is quite the outdoor enthusiast.

This vagabond kitty joined his human couple, Cees and Madison Hofman, when they set off on a post-college graduation trip in April 2016 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the National Parks.

The family bought an RV--calling it "Our Vie"--and set off into the wilderness. "Vie" means "life" in French.

In just a few months, the trio had visited nearly all 59 U.S. National Parks. Vlad seemed to take a particular liking to any parks with sand dunes.

All you cat ladies out there, watch out - Vladimir is #ontheprowl

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Vlad was leash-trained as a kitten, and his owners say the traveling lifestyle is all he knows.

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Not only is Vlad an accomplished hiker, but he has also tackled kayaking, snow skiing, biking, and rappelling while rock climbing.

Once, on a trip near the Arctic Circle, Vlad was off-leash and disappeared for more than an hour. Eventually, he came strutting back looking smug and full of secrets regarding his stealthy excursion.

Vlad recently became a big brother when little baby human Theo was welcomed into the family this April.

HEY YOU GUUUYYYS I started a new section on our blog! It's my little corner where I plan on posting about road life, being a mom (that's weird to type out haha), sharing recipes, natural beauty, health and wellness and pretty much whatever I please. To get this party started I am going to be sharing my pregnancy journey 👶on the road in a few blog segments over the next couple of days. (I'll put the link for Part 1 in bio) I'm stoked to share it with you guys and am open to questions or story swapping, because sharing is caring 😘 and we're all in this life journey together. I'd also love to hear feedback for some ideas of future posts (one girl already asked me to do a post about how I take care of my hair and keep it from getting nasty on the road 😬 haha I'm not sure I'm the best role model for that! But, I'll see what I can do haha)

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The wayfaring quad is still on the road, with the three humans currently in Hawaii.

Due to stringent protocols regarding pets traveling to the Hawaiian islands, Vlad didn't make the trip to the Hawaii national parks. In protest, he escaped the night before and returned home mere minutes before his parents' and baby Theo's departure.

Because we've been asked before, here it is 🌞 Day hiking essentials for humans and kitties: * @mountainsmith Scream 25 L pack (sweet waist and chest straps for support) * @hydroflask 32 oz water bottle (keeps the bev either super cold or super hot depending on what you put in it) * @ucogear headlight (we ❤️ it because it's super lightweight and compact #staylit) * @clifbar human snacks (Kit's Organic are our faves fo sho... made with fruits and nuts 👌🏼) * @gopro Hero 4 (for those selfies, since we have stubby arms 😜) * @bivyapp (to find, track and share all our adventures) * @survivalstraps (you never know when you're gonna need some string) * Homemade first aid kit (we learned our lesson the hard way that time when Cees hatcheted his ankle and we had nothing 😬) * @proplancat (kitty "crunchies" for the trail) * @ventev_mobile (best backup phone battery charger 📱) * @chacofootwear National Park edition sandals (because we're a little obsessed with the parks) * Come with Me Kitty harness (size small) + Chaco pet leash * #VladimirKitten (don't forget the adventure cat 🐱 )

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But Vlad has lots of resting up to do because this family doesn't plan on stopping their adventures anytime soon, and if they can bring Vlad along he'll certainly be there.

Be sure to follow Our Vie Adventures on Instagram or visit their website.

Would you travel the country with your pet? Tell us in the comments below!

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This Adventure Cat Has Already Visited Nearly Every National Park in the U.S