Man Shears 2,142 Sheep in 50 Hours to Raise Money for Cancer

Posted by Tori Holmes
collage of Grant shearing sheep
Photos by Sheena Ramsay via STV News

After his mother was diagnosed with cancer, Grant Hurcomb took it upon himself to raise money to Cancer Research UK and MND Scotland doing what he does best: shearing sheep.

Grant first started his sheep shearing career at the age of 13. With practice, he was able to increase his shearing numbers by about 200 sheep every two years.

Since starting his career he has competed in a number of shearing competitions, including his first 24-hour challenge in 2015 where he raised more than £21,000 for charity.

Young farmer shearing sheep

It was during this 50-hour test of endurance that Grant beat his personal record, shearing a total of 2,142 sheep. Allowing for breaks, this accounts for an average of approximately 50 sheep per hour.

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Day and night, Grant's friends and family packed the barn where the event took place, cheering him on.

Grant Hurcob of Scotland

In response to his efforts, Rowan Main, the Dumfries and Galloway local area manager of Cancer Research UK described Grant as a "remarkable young man" and his achievement as "fabulous."

When asked if he was going to take a break after his latest marathon challenge, Grant was quick to say that he actually planned on heading back to work the next day, taking care of his own flock of sheep.

Congratulations on your achievement, Grant!

If you want to learn more about Grant's fundraiser, check out his Just Giving page.

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Photos by Sheena Ramsay via STV News

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Man Shears 2,142 Sheep in 50 Hours to Raise Money for Cancer