This 12-Year-Old Jockey Knows How to Chase His Dreams

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horse racing is a highly competitive sport, but this 12-year-old jockey has big dreams and is determined to succeed. 

The career of a jockey isn't one to pick up lightly. Jockeys live and breathe their work, and every time they climb into the saddle they risk their lives. Jockeys ride because they adore the sport and can't imagine doing anything else. And that's something that Dylan, a 12-year-old jockey, completely understands.

Dylan lives in Ireland and is working hard toward his career as a jockey. He rides in grassroots races designed for children jockeys to learn how to ride and race horses. But Dylan does much more than just ride. Watch the video and you'll see that he works out intensely to develop the strength required to be a successful rider.

Take a look at this inspiring video.

Were you that ambitious when you were 12? Dylan's drive is admirable. And so is his courage to ride a Thoroughbred racehorse at full gallop. It's something that many adults would have a hard time doing, yet Dylan handles the race with professionalism and skill.

For jockeys, being physically fit can mean the difference between success and failure. Jockeys support themselves in a crouched position over the horse during the entire race. They also must deal with the horse leaning on the reins for support, and must be strong enough to control the horse at full speed. This means that jockeys need to have incredibly strong core muscles, and their upper body strength must also be well-developed.

This 12-year-old jockey clearly understands how important it is to be fit. From jumping rope to running to riding a mechanical horse, he's working hard to ensure that he's fit enough to have the endurance for each and every race. If he keeps working this hard, chances are he'll have quite the successful riding career. We'll be on the lookout for him in the future.

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This 12-Year-Old Jockey Knows How to Chase His Dreams