Thirsty Cobra Drinks When Rescuer Offers Water Bottle

Posted by Krissy Howard

The venomous king cobra is a dangerous animal, but this video shows one thirsty snake who let his guard down to take water from a bottle.

The video, which was shared earlier this year, shows a wildlife rescue worker face to face with a king cobra snake - the world's longest venomous snake. This particular serpent measured in at 12 feet long and had apparently slithered into a South Indian village in Kaiga.

After successfully capturing the cobra, the rescue worker stepped in to offer the snake a drink, which it gladly took from a plastic water bottle. You can see the unbelievable encounter in the video below!

Although cobras usually avoid crossing paths with humans, this one was presumed to have wandered into a populated area in search of water. Because Southern India is often hit with drought, animals are sometimes forced to venture away from the environment in which they usually reside just to stay alive.


Snakes entering human settlements in the area have become so common, in fact, that residents will usually offer them water upon sight, knowing that's the only reason they've ventured into the area in the first place.

While this Indian village welcomes its scaly visitors, some residents aren't so accommodating, like these little dogs, who will do anything to protect their home from cold-blooded intruders.

Can you imagine offering anything at all to a snake? This is one brave rescuer! He must have gone with the pure instinct that the animal wasn't going to hurt him. I'd have a heart attack from fear! Typically an animal rescue organization will offer basic wellness and this deadly snake knew it was a win-win for him.

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Thirsty Cobra Drinks When Rescuer Offers Water Bottle