These Videos Are Visually and Auditorily Designed to Help Calm Your Pets

Posted by Amber King
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Animal behaviorists, veterinarians, video producers, and T.V. actor David Tennant worked together to find a better way to calm your pet.

Have you ever watched a favorite movie or listened to a particular song and noticed that your mood suddenly changed? You're calmer, less stressed, and generally more happy, and you have the power of visual and auditory cues to thank for that.

But humans aren't the only ones that become stressed and upset. More Th>n Motion Pictures (More Than Pet Insurance) set out to help our furry friends overcome stress with help from the Tenth Doctor , David Tennant.

Together, Tennant and More Th>n Motion Pictures produced a series of films based on scientifically proven methods of calming animals. The project was in preparation for a holiday celebrated in the UK called Bonfire Night that is most known for its impressive firework shows.

You may see fireworks as celebratory displays of light and sound, but your pets have a different take on those explosions in the sky. Those loud bangs increase stress levels in both dogs and cats. Anxious pets show signs of fearfulness that can result in them running away or hurting themselves.

Intent on soothing the cats and dogs of London, More Th>n Motion Pictures worked with animal behaviorist Karen Wild and veterinarian Robert White-Adams to produce films specifically designed to target the stress levels of dogs and cats.

"Woofering Heights" is a film aimed at dogs. It's shot in the blue and yellow color scheme that dominates the canine vision spectrum. It's a punny take on the classical novel, "Wuthering Heights" and designed to help calm dogs.

For cats, they created "Peer Window," based off the Alfred Hitchock film, "Rear Window." The entire narrative is set between a window frame- a cat's favorite place.

Both films use visual and audio messages specifically meant to sooth their target audiences.The animal versions have significantly happier endings than the stories they are inspired by, and Tennant's narration appeals to both animal and human ears.

Pet owners in the UK should have these videos on hand for Bonfire Night, but calming your pet isn't only important during fireworks. Anytime your pet shows signs of anxiety, these videos may help. Show them to your pet and see what you think.

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These Videos Are Visually and Auditorily Designed to Help Calm Your Pets