These Two Blind Rescue Cats Use Their Other Senses to Play with Their Pals

Posted by Krissy Howard

These rescued kitties may be missing something, but it's not stopping them from partying hard with the rest of their playmates! 

No one is entirely sure what life was like for Petunia, a black and white short-haired cat, and Frito, an orange tabby long-hair, before arriving at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. Now that they're safe one thing is for sure - these two blind cats got a second chance at life, and are thriving with each passing day, like many of the animals who call this sanctuary home.

Relying on the use of their hearing and their whiskers, they are able to navigate the world around them, and since they were fortunate enough to end up in the caring hands at Best Friends, that world is filled with games, toys, and lots of luxurious cat naps!

Whether chasing a ball, a cat-dancer, or using an interactive toy to keep busy, Frito and Petunia aren't letting their lack of eyesight get them down and can keep up with any of their roommates. Living at Cat World, a village of houses located at the sanctuary, allows both them and their adoptable feline friends to roam freely, either indoors or outside in screened-in porch enclosures.

Despite their physical limitations, Frito and Petunia use their keen senses to guide them, a trait many blind animals use to help them get around. They may need slightly adjusted accommodations once in their new home to ensure their safety, but once they're aware of their surroundings, a blind animal can make a great companion in just about any environment.

According to their profiles, both cats have been adopted into their forever homes since the filming of this video, but there are still plenty of furry felines in need of a loving home of their own. To learn more about adoptable cats at Best Friends, visit their available list here, or to find a companion near you, visit to conduct a local search!

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These Two Blind Rescue Cats Use Their Other Senses to Play with Their Pals