These Ten Dogs Are Sure to Be on Santa's Nice List

Posted by Allie Layos
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For some pets, it's doubtful whether or not they'll make Santa's "nice" list this year.

But these ten dogs have nothing to worry about. They are, without question good boys, as the website Storyful pointed out in a recent installment of its new Top Ten Countdown series.

The segment, titled, "Top 10 Dogs Who Are Good Boys," was posted to YouTube on November 28. Counting backwards up to the #1 Good Boy, it covers everything from the dog that patiently sits while getting his nails done to the dog that does a great job taking his horse for a walk.

The #1 Good Boy spot of course goes to the dog who has learned to perform some expert CPR ... and look incredibly cute while doing it.

To witness some amazing training, and some amazingly talented dogs, check out out the countdown for yourself:

We love our dogs whether they are naughty or nice, but these ten deserve a few extra presents under the tree this year. They may even sit patiently while waiting to open them.

Does your dog belong in the Good Boy Top 10? Tell us about him below! 

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These Ten Dogs Are Sure to Be on Santa's Nice List