These Shelter Dogs Got to Spend Thanksgiving in Real Homes for a Week

Posted by Krissy Howard
Lifeline Animal Project via Huffington Post 

20 shelter dogs in Georgia got a week to be truly thankful for - some much-needed time, love, and attention in real homes outside of their kennels. 

A handful of long-time and stressed out residents of certain Georgia animal shelters received some much-needed relief from their kennels when they got to spend Thanksgiving week in real homes, a gift to be truly thankful for.

The project, called Home for the Pawlidays, is headed up by area rescue Lifeline Animal Project, and so far it's been a huge success.

"We chose the dogs who had either been at the shelter the longest or who needed a break from the stress of the shelter the most," Lifeline spokesperson Karen Hirsch told Huffington Post, who originally reported the story.

"All the dogs we chose are good candidates because they adore people."

The program works to provide short-term foster homes for dogs who may not "show well" in the shelter as a result of stress, an all too common occurrence, especially for anxious or long-term shelter residents, that often unfairly prevents sweet pups from finding their way into a forever home. With even one week away from the sights, smells and sounds of a busy shelter, the dogs are able to relax, unwind, and just be themselves in the company of people who love them.


"The dogs actually come back with their batteries recharged, much like we do after a nice vacation from work," Hirsch said.

"It also helps them get adopted more quickly because we gain valuable insight into their personalities from their foster parents since dogs can relax and be themselves in a home."

To learn more about the programs offered by Lifeline Animal Project, or to see a list of their adoptable pets, you can visit them online at

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These Shelter Dogs Got to Spend Thanksgiving in Real Homes for a Week