These Rats Are Probably Better at Agility Than Your Dog

Posted by Allie Layos

Rats that play fetch? It's not a joke. 

Suki, Shadow, Paris, Raven, and the aptly named Famous are giving the world a reason to like rats by showing just how intelligent these creatures really are.

These five rats know more commands than many dogs. Among many others, their repertoire of tricks includes: shaking hands, fetching, rolling over, pole weaving, and literally jumping through hoops.

They even know how to come when called. Don't believe it? Watch with your own eyes.

Watching these rats perform intricate maneuvers (like placing a ring on a human's finger) is extremely impressive, but it is also a great reminder of how careful we have to be when rodent-proofing our homes and barns.

Never underestimate their smarts or dexterity; there seems to be no limit to what these intelligent little creatures can accomplish!