These Pets And Their Humans Understand That #LoveIsLove

Posted by Stacey Venzel

When it comes to lessons on love, there's no better teacher than pets.

Who says a dog and rabbit can't be friends? Who says a cat can't have two moms? Who says a goat can't be man's best friend?

Pets and their humans love each other however they darn well please. We've collected a snippet of some love from around the world to show you just how much affection is out there, no matter the color of your skin (or fur or scales or feathers), and no matter if you're a boy or girl.

Instead of perusing celebrity and stock photos, we wanted to show real pets and real people showing real love. We asked; you answered. The response was inspiring!

Linus Pauling has two moms...

katelyn zak
Katelyn Zak

But to him that just means more cat hats.

One hops and one is good at fetch...

katie christensen
Katie Christensen

But they have equal reign in this household.

This Golden Retriever told the humans to smile for love...

Katiuzkus Turulatus
Katiuzkus Turulatus

All the way from Mexico.

Hefner and Twizzle are both boys...

nessa collins
Nessa Collins

And they have mastered the art of a snuggle sesh.

These puppies only sleep in teams of five...

paolamantina grullon livingstone
Paolamantina Grullon Livingstone

Nestled so close it's hard to find them all.

This family of three has a hairy kid...

Erin Magill
Erin Magill

But he's just a kid to them.

Gus makes friends with everyone...

Untitled design
Stacey Venzel

Even freeloading feathered folk.

These kittens have parents from two different countries...

taggie gatchell
Taggie Gatchell

And they're looking forward to dual kittizenship.

These two boy cats have two moms...

Untitled design (1)
Pamela Quigney

But four is never a crowd in this house.

Molly and Bailey share a bed...

sarah deyerle
Sarah Deyerle

Except when Molly chases squirrels; then she has to sleep on the couch.

Snickers and Cookies'n Cream enjoy the finer things in life...

stacey venzel 3
Stacey Venzel

Including fancy tea parties, female gossip, and post-prandial cuddling.

Noodle allocates snuggle time for both her moms...

Jennifer DiMarco
Jennifer DiMarco

And sometimes they even let her hog the covers.

Pets choose love every day. Animals might be LGBTQ and so might their owners. They might be of different abilities or ethnicities or even species, but at the end of the day, they prove that #LoveWins.

Do you know somebody who could use a little TLC? Share the love.

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These Pets And Their Humans Understand That #LoveIsLove