These Parrots Dance, Talk, and Ride Bikes

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Check out this video of parrots dancing, rolling, and ridin' dirty.

Parrots entertain us with more than just the words they choose to adapt to their vernacular. Random dance parties, for one, are incredibly amusing.

When they start riding miniature bicycles, we know we're doomed to be endlessly captivated by their avian antics.

Check out this video compilation of parrots doing tricks, and simply enjoying life!

Many of these birds must have cats and babies in the household, considering the number of meows and crying sounds they imitate. Parrots actually lack vocal chords. Instead of a larynx, they have a pharynx that helps them mimic sounds.

Parrots, along with ravens, crows and jays, are deemed the most intelligent of their species, largely based on their mimicry skills but also for other reasons, such as their use of tools.

But they also have have moments in which they just play, or perhaps their IQ has momentarily dropped when they chase laser pointers.

Whatever the reason for amusing us, we're thankful for the new dance moves these parrots have taught us!

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These Parrots Dance, Talk, and Ride Bikes