These Horses Love to Goof Off in the Sprinkler

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you put a sprinkler out in a horse paddock, you know that some of your horses won't be able to resist the chance to goof off. 

Picture this: a sprinkler, a hot summer day, and two nosy horses. Horses, curious by nature, just can't help themselves - they have to check out whatever's different or unusual in their surroundings. This pair of horses are particularly interested in the sprinkler, and as they investigate this fascinating object, they create quite the scene.

The video below is adorable - watch how these horses initially react to the water, to each other, and to the sprinkler's constantly changing path. For such large animals, the fact that horses can be startled so easily makes them endearing, too. Just take a look at this funny pair.

Do you have sprinklers in your paddocks or pastures? A sprinkler can actually be a really handy addition to your farm. It can help to water pasture grass, ensuring that the grass grows quickly and saving you some money on your hay bill. Your horses may also learn that the water offers cooling relief, and many horses will play with or stand in the path of the water.

Perhaps most importantly, though, sprinklers can be used to water down dusty areas. If your pasture doesn't have grass, it can become highly dusty during a hot summer. This dust can irritate your horse's sensitive respiratory system, and if your horse already has a condition such as heaves, the summertime dust will only worsen his health.

Watering down the ground can help to cut down on dust, especially when you focus your sprinkler on the area where you feed your horse. To further reduce the amount of dust that your horse inhales, consider feeding him from a tub or from a stall mat placed outdoors so that his feed doesn't mix with the dirt.

In what ways are you using sprinklers on your farm? Tell us in the comments below.


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These Horses Love to Goof Off in the Sprinkler