Creative Hip Hop Mashup Makes Perfect Soundtrack for Wild Horse Herd

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horses all have natural senses of rhythm, but these hip hop horses are truly one of a kind!

Love hip hop? Love horses? This fun video combines the two of them. The hip hop horses in this video make a mix of their scratching, tail swishing, and walking for an entertaining time.

Okay, so maybe some creative editing has been exercised in the creation of this video, but who doesn't love hip hop horses? Take a look - you're sure to fall in love with them!

While these hip hop horses might not quite be dancing to the beat, horses do have a natural sense of rhythm. If you think about it, horses do just about everything in a set rhythm. They chew, walk, and even scratch themselves in a rhythm.

You can better communicate with your horse by adapting this sense of rhythm. The rhythm in which you groom your horse can have different effects on him - a slower rhythm is more soothing, while a faster rhythm may energize your horse.

Mastering rhythm can also improve your riding. By truly focusing on the rhythm of your horse's movements, you can train yourself to better move with him. When you're used to your horse's rhythm, you can also quickly identify issues, such as lameness or days when your horse may have less energy than he typically does.

Rhythm is an important part of the horse's world. While horses might not naturally love hip hop, they sure can feel the beat.

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Creative Hip Hop Mashup Makes Perfect Soundtrack for Wild Horse Herd