These Hilarious Tweets Prove People Can't Handle Corgi Races

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Corgi races
Joshua Lewis/Twitter

Corgi racing is a thing, and the Internet just can't deal.

Summer has a new favorite pastime, and it's Corgi racing.

Literally any Corgi can enter the competitions. No amount of training is necessary, nor any desire to win the gold.

Cuteness is really the only entry factor here, and it's leaving some Twitter users beside themselves.

Like seriously, look at these game rules.

There are those who spend every year waiting for this moment.

Some people just can't get past the name choices.

While others can't fathom how a loaf of bread can be THIS CUTE.

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The lack of competitive drive makes many participants instant fan favorites.

Corgi races even make people rethink their social media moratoriums.

Onlookers couldn't tell if Logan Handsomepants was really just a horse of a different, er, shorter, color.

Corgis capture hearts instantly as they race down the track.

The stadiums are literally overflowing with Corgi love.

Be sure to search for the next Corgi race near you--in time before summer's end!

If you miss it, there's always next year. Or that thing where you can get adopt a Corgi because why not.

Have you ever been to a Corgi race? Tell us just how cute it was in the comments below!

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These Hilarious Tweets Prove People Can't Handle Corgi Races