These Three Handicapped Pups Will Be the Stars of the 2017 Puppy Bowl

Posted by Mateja Lane

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These are the three stars of this year's Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl happens before the Super Bowl LI and it has become somewhat of a phenomenon. For the past 12 years puppies have been featured playing in a makeshift football field, ultimately bringing attention to dog adoption.

But this year's puppy players are a little different. Team Fluff will go against Team Ruff and each team will feature a few puppies with disabilities. The point is to show that handicapped puppies aren't so different and can live normal lives like normal dogs when they are adopted.

Here are the special stars of the Puppy Bowl taking place on Sunday February 5 at 3 p.m EST.


deaf dog in the puppy bowl

Doobert is technically deaf but he makes up for it with his quick reflexes and great sense of smell. Deaf dogs can learn training hand motions from their owners and rely on their other senses to live a full and happy life.

Doobert will dominate the field in the Puppy Bowl with his stealthiness. He is up for adoption at the Green Dogs Unleashed shelter in Virginia.


disabled dog in the puppy bowl

This little ball of fluff also has trouble hearing and seeing but that doesn't stop him from exploring. Animals with disabilities learn to overcome their handicaps and are truly all the more special because of it.

Winston is up for adoption at Double J Dog Ranch in Idaho, a shelter that specializes in taking in dogs with disabilities.


three-legged dog in the puppy bowl

Lucky may only have three legs, but his spirit has not wavered. Handicapped pets can benefit from prosthetic legs or adaptive wheelchairs to help with mobility if their back legs are damaged.

Lucky is only 16 weeks and is up for adoption at Operation Education Rescue in Tennessee.

These three disabled pups will fight for their team this Sunday. Make sure you tune in to see some cute pups and maybe even apply to bring one into your home!

Will you watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via Animal Planet

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These Three Handicapped Pups Will Be the Stars of the 2017 Puppy Bowl