These Cats Were Born with Heterochromatic Eyes and They're Adorable

Posted by Mateja Lane

Cat twins Iriss and Abyss have eyes that are the same but opposite...

Iriss and Abyss were born with heterochromatic eyes, which means one of their eyes is one color and the other eye is another color.

It just so happens that these cats have heterochromatic eyes that are exactly opposite of the others'.

Iriss's left eye is that beautiful bronze, while Abyss's golden eye is on the right. The cats are complete mirror images of each other.

The sisters live in Saint Petersburg, Russia and are complete genetic anomalies. Surprisingly they are no specific breed; their mother was a white cat and their father was a black cat, according to pdyagilev, the cat's owner. The fact that they were born with white coats and those beautiful eyes is a genetic miracle.

Many people confuse us with angoras, turkish van and other breeds. But we have to disappoint you. There's such a term "metis" or "crossbred". And this is a miracle of Мother nature, that we are to blond twin sisters with heterochromia. Our mother is white cat, and father is black and white cat. All the pure breeds are the results of generic selection. But the fact, that we have no distinct breed, and got all these fantastic features is truly amazing! Such a chance is one in a million! And we feel so blessed, that we've got that chance! Meow??? -------------------------------------------- #catloversclub #cutepetclub #cats_of_world #bestmeow #instacatsrussia #инстаграмзверят #фотопетшопру #meow_beauties #Showmeyourkittiez #ilovemycat #instagramcats #we_love_cats #catsoftheday #lovecats #heterochromia #catsofinstagram #7catdays #bestcats_oftheworld #great_captures_cats #thedailykitten #instacat_meows #awesomecatfacts #excellent_kittens #cat_features #excellent_cats #catsofworld #kotomania #meowvswoof #catsliker #bestmeow

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The sister cats are little supermodels and love posing for their dad.

The sis_twins account already has 54.6k followers after first posting less than six weeks ago.

But everyone loves these beautiful sisters!

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These Cats Were Born with Heterochromatic Eyes and They're Adorable