These Cats Think Window Washing Is the Best Thing Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These cats don't go nuts for squirrels or birds. No, their favorite source of entertainment occurs when it's window washing day!

When you're an indoor cat, your windows become your source of entertainment. Most cats spend time watching birds and squirrels, and maybe even some other cats out of their windows. But for cats who live in tall apartment buildings, there isn't as much to see through the window. Until it's window washing time, that is.

These cats clearly adore window washing time, and they think the window washer is an ideal plaything. No, they don't need birds or squirrels. Just give them a dirty window and they'll have plenty of entertainment.

Take a look!

There are many ways that you can help to keep your indoor cat entertained, even on days when your windows don't need washing. Consider using feeding systems like the No Bowl Feeding System, which make mealtime into a hunt for your cats. You can also hide bits of food or cat treats throughout the house so your cats have to hunt for their food, which will help to keep them active.

Many indoor cats will appreciate cat trees or other modifications that make your house or apartment more cat-friendly. Of course, there are plenty of great cat toys out there to help liven up your cat's days, too.

So whether or not your cat has access to a window cleaner, you can still help to keep him entertained each and every day.

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These Cats Think Window Washing Is the Best Thing Ever